• 01. The author's father Franz Jung in 1937.
  • 02. Author’s mother Franziska Perger in 1937.
  • 03. Ten-year-old Franz in Vienna.
  • 04. Author’s grandmother Olga Werner Jung (fifth from left) with her six sisters.
  • 05. Eleven-year-old Franziska in Vienna.
  • 06. Franziska seated front left with Fritz, Heinrich, Stefanie, Paul, Lilly.
  • 07. The Prater Riesenrad (Ferris Wheel) in 1998.
  • 08. The Wiener Staatsoper in 1937.
  • 09. The Grosser Saal (Grand Hall) in the Musikverein.
  • 10. Franz Jung’s Diploma from the New Vienna Conservatory.
  • 11. Franz Jung’s official certification as an opera singer in Austria.
  • 12. The Opernball in the Wiener Staatsoper.
  • 13. Franz Jung as Alberich in 'Siegfried' on Stadttheater Baden bei Wien playbill.
  • 14. Franz Jung’s voice teacher Arthur Fleischer as the Wanderer in 'Siegfried.'
  • 15. The New German Theater, now Prague State Opera.
  • 16. The Stadttheater in Aussig in 1937.
  • 17. Franz Jung as the Woodcutter in Humperdinck’s 'Königskinder' at the Stadttheater Aussig, 1938.
  • 18. Franz as Dr. Bartolo in Rossini’s 'Barber of Seville' in Aussig, 1938.
  • 19. September 1938 postcard from Tel-Aviv to Franz in Prague, stamped 'Censured.'
  • 20. Franz Jung’s passport with the 'J' and 'Israel' above his name.
  • 21. Franziska’s passport with the 'J' and 'Sara' as a middle name.
  • 22. The S.S. Rialto freighter that took author’s parents out of Europe.
  • 23. The more luxurious S.S. Chiriquí that still transported bananas.
  • 24. Author photo in 1999 of entrance to former Triscornia immigration camp in Cuba.
  • 25. Author photo in 1999 inside the former Triscornia detention camp.
  • 26. Stamp in Franz Jung's passport of U.S. Visa with quota number on it in Havana, 1939.
  • 27. Concert author's parents attended in Knoxville the day the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.
  • 28. Author’s parents in 1945 in Los Angeles or Santa Barbara.
  • 29. Baby Carol Jeanie with her mother.
  • 30. Author’s father with costume designer Dorothy Jeakins in Egypt filming 'The Ten Commandments.'
  • 31. Author's father with actor Robert Stack after receiving Costumers' Award for 'The Untouchables,' 1960.

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This is a slideshow preview. All of these illustrations play a role in Serenade. Other significant illustrations can be found in the book, including historical documents, actual letters from noteworthy people in the opera world, and a letter from the Theresienstadt concentration camp.

Some images above are provided by the following sources:
8. Wiener Staatsoper: Philip Gendreau; ©Bettmann/Corbis
9. Musikverein: ©Andreas Pessenlehner/epa/Corbis
12. Opernball: Raymond Reuter/Sygma/Corbis
22. S.S. Rialto: The Steamship Historical Society Archives, sshsa.org.
23. S.S. Chiriquí: Steamship Historical Society Archives.
27. Knoxville Symphony program cover: Courtesy of the KSO.



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